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It has become a daily issue where phone gets burnt while charging which sometimes becomes or cause severe damages. However, a man has once again taken to social media to warn people the danger of charging phone while receiving or making calls.

According to the man identified as Ayariga Hassan on Facebook, his Samsung Galaxy S5 got burnt while charging five minutes after receiving call from a friend this early morning.

He posted on Facebook saying;

“Good Morning fellow country men and women, at around 9.30am today after receiving a call from a friend I left my phone on charge and less than 5 mins my Samsung galaxy S5 started burning. Please it is real, do not charge phone and receive calls at the same time.”

See Photos and Videos below:


What’s the causes of phone explosion while charging and receiving calls at the same time?

In my opinion, the reason why it is not advisable to use a cell phone while it is charging is that it is connected to a high voltage power point. If there are any shortcomings in the power point, it may have an impact on the charger and the phone, and ultimately to the user. So it is only a precautionary measure because of the power point and not because of the battery of the smartphone.

There is no relation between radiation and battery. No phone can ever cause damage while charging. Damages can only be caused when there is any shortcomings in the power point which can affect phone and charger, not the battery directly. You will likely experience this issue the more, when you are using a China or fake phone.

What’s your say? You can correct me, if am wrong.

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