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Is your phone still running on older operating system, while your mates are already enjoying the irresistible features of the latest operating system, Android 8 Oreo? Your solution is definitely in this poll.

Android P (9.0) is coming and is rumoured to called “PIE” or “PEANUT“. The rumour was believed because Android naturally name their versions alphabetically especially the initial alphabet and the names are gotten from sweets, nuts and other flavours.

Android 8 Oreo will give you classic features that will fix your phone from lagging, hanging, swift multitasking, fix bugs, add more useful apps and features and most importantly, increase your phone speed and performance.

So, if your phone supports Android 8 Oreo and you’re having problem upgrading to it or if you want to know if your smartphone supports Android 8 Oreo, kindly drop your comment below for instant solution and notification.

Start dropping…

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