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Sometimes you just want to be yourself by not replying to messages or just to appear in offline mode, probably because the person might be seeking something from you.

Can you imagine yourself in a situation whereby your boss at work asked you to help out with some work but you feel like chatting on WhatsApp without him or her knowing, you can just switch to offline mode. Though, it’s not an offline mode with a tap but with settings.

These are the ways in which you can go completely invisible on WhatsApp:

1. Remove WhatsApp Blue Ticks

The Blue Ticks feature simply indicates that you have read the messages and there online. The person that send the message would be expecting instant reply from you once the blue ticks. To deactivate the Blue Ticks feature, go to Account>>Privacy>>Uncheck Read Receipts box.

2. Hide Your Last Seen

You can do away with the pressure to respond to messages immediately by hiding or disabling the Last Seen feature. Go to Settings>>Privacy and change “Last Seen” from Everyone to “Nobody“.

3. Hide Your Profile Photo

To keep yourself away from enemies and foes, kindly hide your profile photo by going to Settings>>Privacy>>Set “Profile Photo” to “Nobody”.

4. Hide Your Status

Hiding your status with others above will completely make you anonymous with offline status on WhatsApp. Simply go to Settings>>Privacy and set Status to share to yourself.

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