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BlackBerry Ltd on Tuesday filed a patent infringement lawsuit against WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

BlackBerry claims the three social media platforms (owned by Facebook) have infringed on seven BBM patents and is asking for monetary damages.

BlackBerry alleges that Facebook and its daughter companies have created messaging apps that infringe on BlackBerry patents covering user interface features, security, battery-efficient status updates, and integrating mobile messaging in games.

Facebook’s Deputy General counsel had this to say about the lawsuit:

“BlackBerry’s suit sadly reflects the current state of its messaging business. Having abandoned its efforts to innovate, BlackBerry is now looking to tax the innovation of others. We intend to fight. – Facebook

Apple and Android was the smartphones that took the crown from BlackBerry in the smartphone industry. Now, BlackBerry has fall and converted to Android. TCL is the current manufacturer of BlackBerry Android-powered hardwares that focuses on security and enterprise features.

Do you really think Facebook and its other services, can infringe BBM patents or this is just a business strategy for BBM to reap where they did not sow? However, the law shall tell. What’s your say?

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